Residential Works

RESIDENTIAL WORKS come to us in many ways. It can be especially challenging because we must first understand the clients desires for the particular space. Then we must assess the space to determine what type of glass will best suit the location.

We take into account: amount of light, privacy, and whether we will use particular colors, or just textured clear glass. We introduce beveled accents into most of our work. Our clients are given the opportunity to view our designs of completed work to give us concepts for their glass; or they can present us with photos, wall paper patterns, or other clip art designs. We are a full service studio, so we see our projects through from design, to fabrication, to installation.

The glass ranges from 3 dimensional sculptures, to sandcarved fireplace screen, wall art, and mirrors. Glass for cabinetry, bathroom windows, windows used for accents in such places as landings, 2nd floor palladiums, and room dividers. Our glass is extremely effective as Entryway glass in doors, sidelights, and transoms.

If you have any further questions concerning our work, or would like to meet with us. Please contact us at To further aide you, please feel free to answer our Guideline for Residential Work Questionnaire and email to us.